Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Interview with Scoops

Interview with Scoops

With their eagerly anticipated debut EP 'Scenes of Joy' set to be launched in less than two weeks, trust me when I say that big things are waiting around the corner for this band.

I recently caught up with one half of Scoops (Stephen Cooper and Stephen O'Rourke,) to talk about how the band got together, what they have planned for the future and of course, what fans can expect from the EP.

Cooper: "I started off firstly as a solo artist. I just finished college, started doing my own thing, writing my own songs and trying to get my sound right. I then got a couple of support slots with the likes of Walking on Cars and acts like that. Then Stephen [O'Rourke] joined me not too long after I started getting heavily into the original stuff and Steve has been with me for the last two years?"

O'Rourke: "Yeah, almost two years now. We actually met in San Diego of all places and I really liked Stephen's original stuff. We continued to work hard and then in the last while, the other two lads have come on board and we created the full band."

I always find it interesting when a band is formed after one of the members has kind of set the ball rolling as a solo artist. So I put the question do the guys; for Cooper, did he find it difficult adapting to other people coming on board and for O'Rourke, was it weird becoming a part of it.

Cooper: "To be honest, when I wrote the songs, I always imagined them being filled out and different instruments by different people being added like an extra guitar or drums and stuff. So it was relatively easy to adapt to it. It just felt natural."

O'Rourke: "I had played in different cover bands and stuff before I met Stephen in San Diego but from that moment I really loved what he was doing and for me, it was really easy to join a band when you love the music. And as well as that, I felt as though I could bring a lot to the band."

As I mentioned in my intro, the band are set to launch their EP 'Scenes of Joy' to a SOLD OUT Whelan's, Dublin on January 21st. And the guys are understandably extremely excited.

Cooper: "We finished recording 'Scenes of Joy' at the end of August, then of course it was all mixed and mastered and went live online on the 2nd of November. Really, it was a pretty long process. From the recording of the first song to now obviously the release, it took quite a while but we really can't wait for January 21st to come around."

O'Rourke: "Yeah I think the process was so long because we had to change songs from a solo song to a two piece song and then into a song that the whole band could perform so there was a couple of months in the studio getting our sound right and getting the songs structured the way we wanted them and we are thrilled with the end product!"

I was chatting to the guys after they supported Keywest in the Grand Social back in December, a performance that would have been worthy of their own headline show. But the lads were very grateful to Keywest for giving them the opportunity.

O'Rourke: Yeah when we heard that Keywest were looking for support on their tour, we got in contact with them and showed them our stuff and thankfully they really liked it! We have gotten on really well over the past while and they have been nothing but good to us and we have really enjoyed getting our music out there, not only here in Ireland but also over in the UK too!"

And people have obviously been impressed by what they have heard from Scoops because the EP Launch is sold out and the guys promise that it will be a night to remember!

Cooper: "Doors will open around 8pm and we will have a support act on around 8:30pm and then we will hit the stage about 9:30, and fingers crossed the place will be hoppin'"

O'Rourke: Yeah we have a few surprises lined up too. I mean, it's not just going to be your average gig. It will be exciting and fun. It's not just a gig, it's a launch night, a debut launch night and we want to really make it memorable for ourselves and the people who come along"

I hope to make it to Whelan's for the launch of the EP! But if you won't be there, I have a copy of the EP to give away, All you have to do is send me a message on Twitter with a screenshot of this blog to be in with a chance to win!

You can keep up to date with all Scoops' activity in the following ways:

Facebook: Scoops Music
Twitter: @scoopsmusic
Website: www.scoopsmusic.com
YouTube: Scoops1989


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